More About This Project — Project Summary

For over 20 years, experts from all over Michigan have worked to ensure that current, research-based information is provided to Michigan men and their families as they make decisions about prostate cancer.

These experts — the Michigan Cancer Consortium Prostate Cancer Action Committee (also known as the MCC PCAC) — include urologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, nurses, social workers, American Cancer Society leaders, and prostate cancer survivors from throughout Michigan. MCC PCAC members are determined to reduce death and unnecessary suffering from prostate cancer among Michigan men. The survivors make sure real problems are addressed.

Making the Choice – Deciding What To Do About Early Stage Prostate Cancer
In 2003, MCC PCAC developed the Making the Choice booklet for men newly diagnosed with prostate cancer; it has been revised five times since 2003, with the latest revision completed in 2014. The experts base their revisions on the latest research. For example, this 2014 version of the booklet includes new research indicating that not all men may need treatment right away.

The Making the Choice booklet has been translated into Spanish, Arabic, and Japanese, and — in other parts of the country — into Russian and for several Native American tribes.

Managing Health Concerns After Prostate Cancer Treatment A series of 15 guides, formerly called Fact Sheets, were also designed by the MCC PCAC, with additional help from sexual counselors. They are intended to help men manage the different side effects of prostate cancer treatment.

Not all men have side effects, and many men only have one or two side effects that are bothersome. The information in these short messages comes from the experience and research of experts who care for men with these problems.

Information for Primary Care Providers on Managing the Side Effects of Prostate Cancer Treatment
There is information on this website for primary care doctors and nurses who care for men after they have been treated for prostate cancer. The experts have made suggestions for treating the side effects after prostate cancer treatment.

Finally, if you are interested in the science that is behind the materials on this website, we have included an extensive list of scientific articles (Bibliography and References).

We hope these materials are helpful to you.