Making the Choice
Deciding What to Do About Prostate Cancer

This website is designed to help you understand medical facts about prostate health.  It is not medical advice. It should not take the place of your doctor's advice and suggestions.  All resources are available in English, Spanish and Arabic

Prostate Cancer Treatment
If a biopsy has shown that you have early stage prostate cancer, the Making the Choice:  Deciding What to Do About Early Stage Prostate Cancer booklet is for you. It gives you the facts about your disease, your treatment choices, and the possible results of those choices.  Talk with your doctor about all your prostate cancer treatment choices.  Share this website with your doctor and loved ones. Talk to people you trust. Many others have learned about treatment choices and coped with prostate cancer. You can, too. 

Prostate Cancer Survivorship – After Treatment Ends (Updated Sept 2016)
Sometimes, men with prostate cancer have treatment related health concerns that continue after their treatment has ended. Click on the "Help After Treatment" button on the left hand side of this page to find guides written to help men and their loved ones manage these concerns. Each of the 15 guides describes a symptom, gives advice for managing it, and indicates when you should talk with your doctor or other health care provider about it. A new guide was developed to address the sexual side effects for gay/bisexual men, in September 2016.

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